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The First Time I Ever Achieved a New Years Resolution

First of all, let me say that New Years resolutions are my absolute favorite holiday tradition of any holiday ever. I’m the kind of gal who gets bored easily and always needs a new project, so last year I decided it was high-time that I read more books. When I was a kid I devoured books. My mom always jokes that while other kids ran around ripping Barbies and Matchbox cars off the shelves at the toy store, I went straight for the books. As I go older I really like the assigned books from class and even started reading some classics, too. In high school, I read an average amount, but the books I read had a huge impact on me, but even then they were still class assignments. My lit classes in college were interesting as well, but I spent most of the time underlining and highlighting the book than actually reading it and enjoying it.

So last year I made the goal to read 10 books by 2012. Pretty achievable for someone who has a busy life (I am secretly jealous of friends who read 50+ books a year), but I had only read 4 or 5 by September and was beginning to feel daunted by the looming deadline. Luckily, I pulled it together during the semester and flew through a ton of books that I read in my downtime, during my workshift and on the T.

Even though I love resolutions, I’d never actually successfully completed one with tangible results, so I’m totally proud of myself for going over my goal and reading 14. Next, year I’m aiming for 15 as an absolute minimum and hope to increase that amount steadily each year until I become the most well-read person I can be.

I present to you, my books of 2011 :


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