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Beyond Obsessed with “Girls”

ImageI’m late to this party. Well, I was on time to the party, but decided to send my “Thank You” card late.

I love, love, love the TV show Girls.

I only started to really pay attention to it now since I have HBO and can watch all the episodes in a row, and not have to view them on some janky website. I feel like the show is an accurate representation of my group of friends–I can’t speak for my entire generation, but I DO feel like this show is representative of twenty-somethings, who graduated from a liberal arts college and don’t have all their shit together yet. So, yes, me and my friends. The language, plot points and emotions are so present. Of the now. I think is show is the opposite of timeless, it’s completely and totally a reflection of our youth culture at this point in time, and I think there’s something cool about that. I’ve definitely found myself recalling moments where I said something or did something close to what one of the characters did and I either feel completely validated, completely decimated or both. Also, it’s kind of fun to think about which girl you most relate to, in that Sex in the City type way. Full disclosure: I think I’m a Marnie.

One of my favorite moments of season 1 (there are MANY– I mean Shoshanna on crack?) was when Hannah finds out her ex is gay and Marnie has a weird run-in with an artist and they’re both totally confused by they relationships, but when they see each other they just kind of shrug it off and dance around unapologetically to Robyn. Talk about a legendary TV moment.

The show has been on break for about 6 months, with the premiere of the new season happening Jan. 13. I’ve been soaking up as much of the show as I can: re-watching episodes, obsessively reading articles about Lena Dunham (plus the part of her book that leaked!), listening to the soundtrack and watching YouTube videos of cast interviews.

Oh and playing the Season 2 trailer over and over. So. Excited.


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